About EFS

Highly efficient and renewable energy technologies are important for the clean energy future. Over the years these technologies have gotten cheaper, and more incentives exist to help accelerate their adoption.

Despite the energy cost savings that can be associated with clean energy tech, upfront cost barriers still leave many people and businesses asking, “how do we pay for it?”

That’s where Slipstream’s financing arm—Energy Finance Solutions (EFS)—comes in. We commit to develop and implement affordable and inclusive financing programs to fund energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

We’ve partnered with thousands of contractors, utilities, state agencies, municipalities, and financial institutions to make energy upgrades easy and affordable for homeowners, renters, and businesses across the country. Discover what EFS can do for you!

Are you a homeowner or business?

We’ve helped more than 25,000 consumers and businesses tap into affordable funding for their energy improvements. Select your state to explore the financing opportunities available to you.

Are you a contractor?

Whether you are a new partner or have worked with Slipstream EFS for years, we have resources to help you support your customers. Explore our contractor resources.

Are you a utility, state agency, municipality or capital provider?

Check out the solutions we’re prepared to help you scale in your market.